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As a Registered Nurse I use to make people feel better. Today I make people better! Focusing on the root cause to make small  changes that have big impacts over time. 

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I am a daddy to 5 beautiful girls. Born in West Michigan. I grew up in Southern California. Currently reside in Las Vegas. Married to my beautiful bride for 26 years!

I have helped make people better as a Registered Nurse for almost 20 years. I began my own awesomeness journey approximately 11 years ago!

I suffered horrible gut issues for most of my life. I had ZERO interest in doing any exercise. SUPER addicted to sweets and ALL good eats! Basically, a serious food addict like living with the “Hunger Beast”

IF I didn’t find a solution I was likely going to end up with some very serious health issues had I not had my "AHA! Moment"!

This journey has led me to some incredible opportunities to not only improve my life, but work with others to achieve similar results!

Today I am harnessing the power of a new viral fat loss technology to slay the “hunger beast”, maintain ideal body composition along with healthy nutritional choices to radically transform my overall wellness. 

I am NOW on a mission to work with you in your pursuit of helping you invest in your AWESOMENESS!

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